This hair journey has been wild, y’all.  It’s been seven months since I did the big chop, and my lil’ fro has been growing!  

IMG_8836.jpg .     IMG_9350.  IMG_0963

With each new phase of hair growth comes a new set of challenges, and most recently, I fought the battle of embracing the fro.

About three weeks ago, I decided to pick out my curls and have a legit fro.  But I got scared.  I got scared I was looking a bit too “radical”.  I was scared people were going to freak out and judge me and say I’d gone all “black power” on them.  I am not proud of these thoughts, but I share them because they are real.  I share these moments I’m not so proud of because I want y’all to know that even though it took a lot of courage to do the initial chop, I still struggle.

I remember picking out my hair, right before church, and frantically asking my roommate fifteen minutes before the start of service, “Is this too much?” gesturing to my fro.  I was ready to put some water on my hair to make the tight curls return and bring down the height of my hair, but my roommate looked me square in the eyes and said ever so bluntly, “No.”

And so I kept it as was.  I embraced the fro.


I embraced the fro and I have no regrets. (I also totally rocked the socks off that cheetah print bandanna. *Shout out to all my Cheetah Girl Sisters out there–you know who you are*).

I’m continually learning not to be fearful of loving my hair.  I’m constantly reminding myself that I do not need to spend time worrying whether or not exploring and embracing my hair’s versatility will cause others discomfort because at the end of the day, it’s my hair, and if others feel uncomfortable because of the bountiful blessing God has placed upon my head, I can’t own that #sorrynotsorry.

This is a process y’all, but I’m committed. It’s been hard, yet each challenge has brought so much personal growth and joy, and I wouldn’t exchange these experiences for anything. Who knew hair could teach you so much?

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