Grief & Growth

Sadness feels omnipresent these days. Even in the midst of beautiful and joy-filled moments--like celebrating my Divinity School graduation and moving into my first-ever solo apartment (WOOT WOOT!!!)--I’ve also noticed pangs of heaviness in my heart. I’m not concerned, though, by these oscillating feelings of joy and sadness, because over the years, my life experiences … Continue reading Grief & Growth

Sunshine and Snow Piles.

Tuesday, March 9th, New Haven, CT experienced temperatures over 60 degrees fahrenheit. Sixty-four degrees to be exact. I videotaped myself standing on my porch eating dried mangoes in the sunshine so I could memorialize the miraculous moment of warmth. As I stood on my porch, I couldn’t help but notice piles of snow lining … Continue reading Sunshine and Snow Piles.